About Us

Thanks for visiting The LSU Hub.

Webster defines a hub as follows: noun – a center of activity or interest or commerce or transportation.

This site is for not only fans of the Bayou Bengals, but a place for all SEC fans to gather. Here you can find news, general and specific information, and commentary that revolves around the SEC and your Fighting Tigers. We hope to provide not only original content, but also links to articles and information originated elsewhere that may be of interest to you.

We also hope you can come here and interact. We, like most sports fans, grew up debating and discussing sports issues at every opportunity. And frankly, we’ll probably still be talking smack as old men like Mr. Clarence ‘nem at the My-T-Sharp barber shop on Coming to America.

We’ll always be expressing our opinions and viewpoints, and we know that you will too. We’d really like for you to come here if you have something to say or share.

Thanks again for hanging out at the Hub!

Ken and Jay