Breakdown Of LSU Recruiting

Before Tiger fans start to pile up bills with their therapists, let me breakdown how recruiting rankings are mostly phony made up stats.Rivals currently has LSU ranked 17th and Alabama ranked 1st in their recruiting rankings.

Alabama has 27 recruits to LSU’s 20 because Rivals doesn’t count Jeremy Hill who was listed by most outlets at a 4 star recruit last year, but didn’t sign with the Tiger until this year because of legal issues.

The Tides average star rating is 3.67 and LSU’s is 3.4. Not a large margin considering the Tigers are 16 spots below their SEC rival.

LSU signed Reid Ferguson (the top deep snapper in the country) which most places would have as a 5 star recruit, but since Rivals doesn’t put an emphasis on special teams players, Ferguson is a 2 star recruit. Rivals also had Brad Wing as a 3 star recruit. Anyone agree with that ranking?

Just to show how these rankings are arbitrary and sometime based on players playing against inferior talent, look at these former Rivals rankings.

  • Morris Claiborne 3 Star
  • Alfred Blue 3 Star
  • Kelvin Sheppard 3 Star
  • Jacob Hester 2 Star

All of the above players played at a level way above their rankings at LSU.

Plus Louisiana which usually has at least 2-3 five star recruits, only had one this year in Landon Collins (who famously committed to Bama against mother’s wishes). LSU typically signs most of the top talent in Louisiana as they did this year, but this year those players didn’t come with as high of rankings as in the past.

Before you say Les Miles is slipping for not signing the top 2 players in Louisiana this year, the Tigers didn’t sign the top 2 players in Louisiana last year. Trovon Reed and Greg Robinson both signed with Auburn. You might say that Nick Saban wouldn’t let that happen, yet it did with Joe McKnight who was the top recruit in the country and signed with USC. It happens to every team and every coach in every state.

UT loses some of the top players in Texas to Oklahoma and other schools around the country, but the consistently get the best of the rest. The Longhorns are always ranked high in recruiting circles, yet have struggled to stay in the top 25 the past 2 years. Just shows that recruiting rankings don’t always translate directly to wins.

Les Miles has been able to sign most of the top in-state players while at LSU and steal some of the top talent from other states. Think the state of Florida would have liked Patrick Peterson to stay home? I bet South Carolina or Clemson would have loved to have Sam Montgomery on their defensive line.

Recruiting is a crazy game that shouldn’t be judged until 2-3 years down the road after you see how the players panned out. Many will change positions, some will change schools and others will simply drop out.

I like where LSU is sitting right now because many schools have locked up all their spots, and the Tigers may be in a better position to woo some last minute undecideds.

We will find out for sure on February 1st, but either way stay calm. This process only starts with the signing of these players. The hard part is getting the most out of their potential and coming together as a team.

To me that is the final way to ultimately decide the stars on a kid.

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