Friday Morning Tiger Scattershooting-BCS Edition

One of the craziest things I have ever seen on live TV was Landon Collins mom visibly upset at him choosing Alabama over LSU. Usually the family will begrudgingly go along with their son to show solidarity. Not this mama. I love her for that.

  • Gunner Kiel will play in the US Army All-Star Game tomorrow. Based on the QB play last night in the Under Armour game, Kiel might easily be the best QB in this recruiting class.
  • LSU lost out on the #1 recruit in the state last year (Trovon Reed) to Auburn.
  • My brother brought up a good point about Janzen Jackson decommitting from LSU and going to Tennessee. He was an all SEC defensive back, but got suspended and ultimately was kicked off the team. Jackson is currently at McNeese St. trying to salvage his once promising career.
  • A few years back we were all mourning the loss of Joe McKnight to USC. He was going to be the next Reggie Bush. How did that turn out?
  • Sometimes these 5 star guys are not worth the hassle.
  • Recruiting is a crap-shoot like the NFL draft. Some schools do it better than others, and LSU has done well recently.
  • I really do hate Alabama and their whole attitude. Bear Bryant’s success made them feel like they are better than everyone.
  • Tide fans still haven’t accepted the fact that they lost to LSU at home 9-6 and have lost 2 straight to the Hatter.
  • LSU is 9-3 against Bama since the year 2000.
  • The Tigers have also won 5 out of the last 6 at Tuscaloosa. That must eat at Tide fans.
  • I would rather lose to the former Soviet Union than lose to Bama. They both have red colors, but one is less dogmatic. The Soviets.
  • LSU fans are crazy and most of the time over the top, but we wouldn’t poison trees and say we had too much Tiger in us.
  • Don’t be surprised if Jarrett Lee has another rabbit in his helmet.
  • If you average out the last 4 games, the winning team scores 21 points and the losing team 16.
  • My prediction for the game is LSU 20-Alabama 16. Alabama will jump ahead 10-0 in the first quarter. A big punt return by Tyrann Mathieu will set up LSU’s first TD. Kenny Hilliard will run the ball in to make the score 10-7. Alabama will kick another field goal before the half to make the game 13-7 at halftime. LSU will take the 2nd half kickoff and kick a field goal followed by another field goal to tie the score at 13-13. Morris Claiborne picks an AJ McCarron pass and takes it to the house for a 20-13 lead in the 3rd quarter. Bama is able to kick another FG, but LSU’s defense stiffens in the 4th quarter and shuts out the Tide.  Claiborne has another interception with Alabama driving to seal the victory. Tigers win their 3rd in a row over the Crimson Tide to take the BCS title. Morris Claiborne is the MVP.
  • Yes, I do think Bama can kick 3 field goals. Reason= game indoors and Saban will not try a long attempt.
  • Monday night cannot get here soon enough! Good luck and be safe Tiger Fans.
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