Friday Morning Tiger Scattershooting-Groundhog Edition

If you had to relive one LSU sporting event over and over like Groundhog Day the movie, what would it be?

  • I will admit that I am disappointed in how LSU’s recruiting class panned out. Not with the players or rankings, but with the perceptions around the country.
  • LSU seems to be snake bitten right now which is bizarre after having one of the greatest seasons in Tiger football history.
  • As bad as it seems right now, the 90’s were way worse. LSU wasn’t even expected to get the top recruits in the state.
  • A top 25 ranking in recruiting would have been signs for a celebration. Now if LSU doesn’t finish first, people are upset.
  • Schools like Nebraska, Michigan, Notre Dame, Colorado, Florida and just about anyone else routinely plucked the best players out of the state of Louisiana before Saban and Miles came on the scene.
  • In 1996 Kevin Faulk was one of the first big time nationally ranked recruits to sign with LSU in a long time. To me this signing by Dinardo paved the way for the success of Miles and Saban. Faulk made it cool for top in-state recruits to sign with the Tigers.
  • Faulk’s career is winding down in the NFL as he plays in his 5th Super Bowl this Sunday with the Patriots. Coach Belichick has stated that Faulk is one of his all time favorite players. The coach and I have something in common here.
  • An LSU player will win the Super Bowl this Sunday as Corey Webster starts at DB for the Giants, and Faulk along with rookie running back Stevan Ridley play for the Patriots. All had stellar careers for the Tigers.
  • Have a great Super Bowl Weekend Tiger fans and stay safe.
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