Friday Morning Tiger Scattershooting-Jan 20

Sorry, but today has to be the afternoon edition. Hopefully something to keep you going on your afternoon break as we count down to the weekend.

  • A top recruit got dropped by his school of choice because of what he posted on Twitter the other day. Look for this to happen more.
  • Yuri Wright, the 40th-ranked player on the ESPNU 150 who is being sought after by schools in the Big Ten, Pac-12, ACC, SEC and Big East, has put his scholarship hopes in jeopardy after being expelled from school for sexually graphic and racial Twitter posts, according to, the website of the Newark Star-Ledger.
  • I am shocked at what the youth of today put on Facebook and Twitter.
  • I am so lucky Facebook and Twitter weren’t around when I was young. And texting/sexting….
  • Would the Alabama teabagger have been arrested if not for the video going viral?  NOPD wasn’t going to do anything until pressured by the media.
  • Even though the guy is an idiot, he lost his job, his reputation and his freedom over 5 minutes of stupidity. That is a high price to pay for anyone.
  • LSU made the final 2 choices (FSU/LSU) for the best player in the country Mario Edwards Jr. I don’t often say this often about high school players, but I think this guy is a lock to be a top NFL draft pick and will dominate college football. Mark it down.
  • Still think LSU is very unlikely to sign him because his dad played for the Seminoles and is very active in his son’s playing career.
  • Les Miles and Brick Haley were in Denton meeting with the Edwards family yesterday. They reside in Denton because Senior played for the Cowboys at cornerback in the early 2000s.
  • LSU players seem to be getting over the funk of losing the championship game and starting to focus on next year. The fans are not there yet, but that is understandable. I sense a lot of determination by the players to avenge the loss.
  • Many publications are already ranking LSU as the favorite for next year and saying the Tigers could be better. Wow! 13-1 and could be better?
  • Reasoning- LSU plays 8 home games next year and has Bama at home (even though that hasn’t matter much historically) and doesn’t have Oregon and West Virginia on the schedule.
  • Interesting note that the Hatter was 4-6 on 4th downs this year.  One of the failed attempts being the 4th and forever on LSU’s last series where Jefferson was sacked and fumbled. I didn’t remember any big 4th down gambles this year, but when you are beating teams by 30, you don’t have to gamble on 4th down.
  • Enjoy your weekend Tiger nation.
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