Friday Morning Tiger Scattershooting-Jan. 27

February 1st is national signing day where recruits make it official and sign their letters of intent to attend a college. Nothing is official till the athletes not only sign the letter, but fax it to the school. This day use to not attract much fanfare, but now athletes sign these letters of intent on live television.

  • Nick Saban was ranked as the best recruiter and the most overrated recruiter in a poll taken by national recruiting publication. What??
  • Saban tends to be a polarizing figure no matter what he does. People either love him or hate him. Tiger fans know that all to well.
  • Apparently Landon Collins mom was very turned off when Saban stated that Landon would be a first round pick and make lots of cash. Mom thought Saban stereotyped her as a mother who was not out for her son’s best interest. She has never forgotten that.
  • ESPN’s Jeremy Crabtree was among those who reported that Collins the state’s top prospect and Alabama commitment was on LSU’s campus on Tuesday for an informal visit to the LSU football office. After Collins (6-0, 210) initially denied he was at LSU, Crabtree wrote Collins later texted him again “to let me know he did visit the Tigers.”
  • The best college football recruiters are the same guys who could sell you leather seats on a used car.
  • My dad warned me about recruiters of any type. “They will tell you anything to get you to sign”, he said. He was right.
  • People are getting so upset at these kids changing their minds on what school to attend, but what they don’t realize is that schools pull scholarships all the time. An athlete is not signing a 4 year deal to attend a school. The deal is really 4 one year offers that have to be renewed each year. Ask LSU’s Chris Garrett about it?
  • Garrett was a casualty of oversigning which I talked briefly about yesterday. LSU pulled his scholarship to make their numbers right.
  • The SEC is the worst offender of oversigning.
  • LSU’s football team returns 7 players on offense and 5 on defense next year.
  • The men’s hoop team takes on # 1 ranked Kentucky this Saturday at the PMAC.
  • The Wildcats are the epitome of the they don’t rebuild, they reload statement. Each year they continually lose players to the NBA, but sign even better ones to replace them.
  • Kentucky (19-1) has won four of its six Southeastern Conference games by double figures. Six players average 10 points or more.
  • My feeling is LSU’s defense and the crowd will keep them in the game.
  • A former LSU player will win the Superbowl this year as Corey Webster (Giants) and Kevin Faulk (Patriots) will vie for another ring.
  • Webster has a ring from the 2007 victory over Faulk’s Patriots. Faulk has 3 rings and has played his entire career with the Pats.
  • Kevin Faulk is one of the most exciting players to ever play at LSU and one of my personal favorites. Faulk carried a struggling LSU team through some tough years and showed that top recruits from Louisiana could go to LSU and make it.
  • Corey Webster was key to LSU winning the 2003 BCS Championship game as he was a shut down corner who played outstanding against the Sooner high powered offense.
  • Have a great weekend and be safe Tiger Nation.
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