LSU Will Win If….

For LSU to beat the Aggies Saturday morning, the must stick to the game plan. Les Miles is nearly unbeatable when the Tigers do what they do best.

I may start to sound like a broken record, but why fix a system that has LSU winning.

LSU will win if…. they dominate the lines of scrimmage on both offense and defense. This is the biggest key of the game.


Pay close attention to if the Tigers defensive front four can get pressure on Aggie star QB Johnny Manziel. Because that will allow the Tiger linebackers to spy Manziel. I expect Lamin Barrow or Kevin Minter to shadow Manziel to keep him from scrambling for big yardage. My guess is Barrow because he is a little faster.

If LSU is forced to blitz, that will leave large running lanes for Manziel because the Tigers will be in man-to-man coverage. Look for LSU to play a little more zone than normal.

The good thing is USC QB Connor Shaw (even though not as talented as Manziel) plays a very similar style, so the Tigers should employ a similar game plan as last week.

On offense pay attention to how many 3 and outs LSU has during the game. If the offense can move the ball and score points, this will keep the defense fresh and allow the improving offensive line to impose it’s will in the 2nd half.

LSU and A&M have one thing in common this year, both lost to Florida. The Aggies dominated the first half against the Gators, but like LSU ran out of gas in the 2nd half.

The Aggies offense has gotten much better since that game, but the defense which played great against the Gators, has been inconsistent. La. Tech put up 57 points against A&M’s defense and was a failed 2 point conversion from taking the game to overtime. Tech had 615 yards of offense against the Aggies, but simmer down Tiger fans, most of those came through the air (450 yards).

LSU has not yet shown the ability to air it out, but that seems to be the weakness in the Aggies defense. If LSU can throw the ball effectively, this could be a big win for the Tigers.

I don’t see that happening.

Last week I predicted the exact score, but don’t expect that kind of accuracy each week. My Spidersense warned me LSU was going to lose against Florida, but it is only tingling this week. That means the Aggies with a fired up home crowd will play a great game.

This young Tiger team has not played as well on the road this year at Auburn and Florida.

My prediction: LSU 31- Aggies 27


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