LSU Will Win Tonight If

What will it take for LSU to beat the # 3 team in the country tonight at Death Valley? It is so simple.

Score points. Okay, you didn’t expect anything better did you?

LSU has only lost 2 out of their last 21 football games which is an incredible feat in the SEC. Many Tiger fans had forgotten the bitter sting of a loss and were extremely upset after the loss to Florida.

Anyone calling for the firing of Les Miles and wholesale changes is just not rationale. Look again at the paragraph above. Miles and company has an 88% winning percentage over the last 3 years. This program is rock solid.

The fact that a loss to a top 10 team on the road in the SEC would cause the masses unrest shows what a monster Les Miles has built.

So enough of the crazy talk. This Tiger team just needs to score points on offense. Not a lot of points, just some points.

In those 2 losses, LSU has scored a grand total of 6 points. Zach Mettenberger doesn’t need to play like Tom Brady, Mett just needs to keep the defense somewhat honest.

We need more plays like the one to Beckham Jr. last week which ended up badly because Beckham fumbled trying to do too much. Lost in the play was that LSU completed a deep pass which could have been a touchdown.

Opposing defenses are loading the line of scrimmage to stop the run daring the Tigers to make plays in the passing game. South Carolina will employ the strategy tonight. Pay close attention to how many defenders you see in the screen. I imagine you will often see 9-10 in the box.

If that happens, LSU must try to take some shots downfield and have faith that Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, or any of the other receivers will make a big play.

The Tigers don’t need to be West Virginia because that is not their style. LSU just needs to score enough points and control the time of possession so our defense and special teams can do what they do best.


It is a formula that has led LSU to almost a perfect record and national championship over the past 3 years. If LSU scores over 16 points tonight, expect a Tiger victory.

My prediction is LSU holds on late 23-21 in an electric Tiger Stadium. Hopefully the hatter has another rabbit in that magical white hat.


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