Role Reversal

Posted by Ken Washam

Last year Jarrett Lee was the back up quarterback who was sent into the game on passing situations when Jordan Jefferson was struggling. Now the roles are reversed this year as Lee is the starter with Jefferson coming in for special running situations.

Will this symbiotic relationship last? It has worked very successfully over the last 2 years as LSU has gone 15-2 with a quarterback rotation.  The only losses were to last years National Champion Auburn and Sugar Bowl representative Arkansas.

I was a bit concerned by comments made by Jefferson in his first news

Will Jefferson rock the boat?

conference since returning from suspension. “My personal goal is to be the starter,” said Jefferson, who was permitted by LSU to speak to reporters Monday night for the first time since the Aug. 19 fight. “I am going to do whatever it takes to get there.”

One could look at the statements two different ways. The first and most positive outlook is that Jefferson is a competitor and wants to work hard to win his job back. Remember that Jefferson never lost his spot on the field and wasn’t beaten out by Lee.

The 2nd and not so positive take from his statement would be that he might be willing to upset the apple cart and disrupt team chemistry to win his job back. I don’t think this will be the case. Jefferson has always struck me as a kid who is all about winning.

The part of his statement that may frighten Tiger fans is that he would do whatever it takes to get his # 1 spot back. This could easily just be a kid who has not mastered the art of diplomacy and was expressing himself very passionately. I wouldn’t read too much into that statement. It is something to keep in the back of your mind.

What made LSU’s quarterback situation work over the past 2 seasons was that Jefferson was the starter with Lee the willing backup. Will Jefferson and Lee thrive if Jefferson is desperately trying to win his starting spot back?

My dad always told me you can only have one lead dog.

I imagine we will find out if this role reversal will work very soon as LSU has Florida, Auburn and Tennessee coming up. The Tigers should be favored to win all of their remaining games except for Bama.

Les Miles will have to navigate carefully through this situation to avoid a full blown quarterback controversy.

What is Lee struggles mightily and Jefferson plays well? What if Jefferson disrupts the chemistry of the offense? So many scenarios could play out, but the bottom line is LSU has a defense that will win most of its games. The offense just needs to put of some points and not turn the ball over.

This season has already been so full of twists and turns. I can’t wait for what is next.

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