Saturday Night Lights-LSU vs Alabama 2010

Posted by Ken Washam

In my final installment of Saturday Night Lights, I will talk about my amazing weekend watching LSU defeat Bama in a thriller and my visit after the game into the LSU lockeroom.

Most of my trips to Baton Rouge have been planned well in advance, but not this one. My brother called me and said, “Lets go see Saban lose at Baton Rouge”. We  proceeded to find some tickets way above normal price, but I was not going to let a little something like money stop me.

My brother and I stayed in Lafayette because everything in Baton Rouge was sold out. We got up early Saturday morning to meet up with some Tiger fanatics and do some tailgaiting. My cousin had married a girl from Baton Rouge whose friends had a great tailgaiting area set up. Their grandfather had been the head trainer at LSU since the mid 80’s.  Knowing that I had been a lifelong Tiger fan, they asked me if I would like to go into the LSU lockeroom after the game. That was like asking me if I wanted to go into the Grotto at the Playboy Mansion with Pamela Anderson. I said yes. The one rule was that we had to wait until the players left. Not a problem for me.

With the same excitement I felt as a little boy on Christmas morning waiting to open presents, I could hardly wait for the game.

Just Win Baby.

After meeting up with our buddy, my brother and I started for our seats. We had great seats in the south endzone around a bunch of awesome Tiger fans. I usually don’t like going to day games at Tiger Stadium, but the weather was perfect for football.

The game was a heavyweight tilt from start to finish. I found it hard to go to the concession stand or bathroom for fear of missing something special.

My fondest memories of the game are: Kelvin Sheppard stripping Greg McElroy which changed the momentum of the game; Les Miles making the gutsy move of calling a reverse which faked out everyone in the stadium including Nick Saban, and Jarrett Lee making clutch throws to Reuben Randle.

I have never been to a game with two teams so highly rated playing such a hard fought game that went down to the last play.

Alabama came into the game ranked #5 and left without any hopes of repeating as national champions.

After the game, I got to hang out and watch all the dejected Tide fans head back to Tuscaloosa with their heads down low.

Finally I got the signal that I could come into the lockeroom and see what I had dreamed of as a kid. Being that I never got to play football at LSU, this was the 2nd best thing.

As we were getting ready to leave, Les Miles told everyone to have a good night as he quickly slipped out a side door.

A weekend that I will not forget and my greatest memory at Tiger Stadium.

So far.

A beautiful sight.

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