Saturday Night Lights ” My First LSU Game”

Posted by Ken Washam

Until September 3rd arrives, each Saturday I will recount my favorite games attended at LSU. Today I will tell the story of my first game ever attended at LSU.

As a kid I grew up listening to LSU games with my dad on his stereo which happens to be some of my fondest memories growing up. My dad told me some of his best memories growing up were with his Uncle Mickey who would turn on the car radio, pop open a few cold ones and listen to the Tigers.

When I was in college, I was able to purchase tickets to the 1993 season opener against Texas A&M. My brother, his friend, my girlfriend at the time and I all loaded into the family truckster to head to Baton Rouge.

Being my first game, I made serious miscalculations in the amount of time needed to make it to Tiger Stadium. I ended up getting a speeding ticket and missing some of the first quarter because we had to pick up our tickets at the Will Call Center.

My brother and his friend decided to jump out of the car as we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic to run ahead and get our tickets. I ended up taking the  the last parking spot in a vacant lot. Not a smart thing to do, but I was desperate.

Tiger Stadium was buzzing with excitement as a new season offered hope for LSU to change their losing ways. Many, including myself, thought this would be the year Curly Hallman turned things around.

I had made it to the Will Call Center hoping my brother would have the tickets in hand, but he was still standing in a long line. Ticket sales had been so high that LSU was overwhelmed by the sellout crowd to start the season. While standing in line, I noticed someone standing next to me who looked very familiar, but I couldn’t figure out where I has seen the person before. Suddenly it dawned on me that it was one of my all time favorite player–Dalton Hilliard.

As my face couldn’t conceal my excitement, I could see Dalton, who had gone unnoticed by everyone, starting to tense up. I calmly walked over to him and shook his hand which was one of the highlights of my life. My plans were to name my first born son Dalton, but the wife nixed it (had a bad experience with a Dalton).

Standing there waiting for what seemed like forever as I heard the crowd roar, the Will Call Center got reinforcements, and we finally got our tickets.

By this time we had missed the first quarter, but I will never forget the roar of that crowd as we walked into the stadium. The crowd was cheering wildly and

Even though LSU lost to A&M, I got to meet my idol Dalton Hilliard.

hopes were high.

We had excellent seats in the south endzone, and I remember vividly LSU had A&M backed up deep in their own territory with a 3rd and long. LSU sent everyone on a blitz which A&M picked up opening a huge hole for Leland McElroy to dash for a long touchdown run.

This play seemed to take the air out of the stadium, and McElroy had a huge day with LSU losing 23-0. Even though we were all disappointed by the loss, I had a great time and knew this would be the first of many visits to Tiger Stadium.

As I walked up to our parking spot, I saw glass everywhere as each car on my row had the windows busted out by some neighborhood kids. Holding my breath as I got to my  parents car, I noticed my windows weren’t busted out. Apparently the car next to us had a car alarm which scared the kids away and spared the hooptie.

Like many first time experiences mine involved excitement, trauma, unmet expectations, and memories that will last forever.

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