Sean Payton Speaks Out

Saints coach Sean Payton spoke to reporters yesterday for the first time about the role he played in the bounty system. Payton also seemed to contradict statements made by Roger Goodell that he was lied to repeatedly by the Saints.

“In the two trips to New York I made sure to do everything in my power to answer the questions honestly,” Payton said. We all know that lying can sometimes be in the eyes of the beholder.

Other nuggets from the Payton presser.

  • Payton says he’s “100 percent certain” he’ll be the Saints’ head coach in 2013.
  •  Asked if the bounty system implemented by former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was the kind of thing Payton was hoping for when he hired Williams to instill toughness in his defense, Payton answered, “Obviously not.”
  •  Payton said he has had no contact with Williams over the last few weeks.
  •  Payton said he has been touched by the outpouring of support he has received. “Our fans back in New Orleans have been amazing,” Payton said. “My peers, guys that I’m close with in this league, the players on our team, it’s like a family. That’s the thing that gets you through something like this.”
  •  Payton said that to his knowledge, no opponents the Saints put a bounty on were seriously injured.
  • Asked if he might work on television this year, Payton said he’s keeping all his options open.
  • Bill Parcells has been helpful to Payton, but Payton doesn’t know if Parcells will step in as interim head coach this year. “I’ve really called him just as a mentor, someone to shoot ideas off of,” Payton said. “I speak to him pretty regularly, in regards to advice. . . . The specifics in regard to him coaching, and I’ve read the reports, that would be something that [General Manager Mickey Loomis] and I, and our owner, and Bill would deal with at a later time. Right now it’s really been as an advisor.”
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