ShadowMans Week One Predictions

Posted by Ken Washam

Each week the Hub will consult with New Orleans voodoo Shaman ShadowMan to get his weekly college football predictions. We will not waste ShadowMan’s precious time by asking him to pick the myriad of cupcake games played this week. ShadowMan will only use his voodoo powers of prognostication on very competitive games.

Guessing how bad Arkansas will defeat Missouri St. is not a prediction. If ShadowMan gets a vision of a huge upset, we will report that to you.

I asked ShadowMan to tell me who would win the Georgia/Boise St. game in Atlanta, GA. ShadowMan pulled out some Tarot cards and saw a picture of Broncos QB Kellen Moore upside down. This means that Moore will have a serious headache during the game. I took this to mean that the Bulldogs defense will get some big hits on Moore and pull out the victory. The big question will be if Mark Richt wears his sunglasses inside the Georgia Dome?

This next game for ShadowMan was the Notre Dame/South Florida game in

ShadowMans gift to me.

South Bend. ShadowMan threw out some chicken bones on a table and saw a drooling cat. I took this too mean that Lou Holtz (Sylvester the Cat Impersonator) must be right in his prediction that USF led by less lispy Skip Holtz will upset the Irish.

ShadowMan was getting antsy so I could only get one more game out of him which was the Aggies vs SMU. ShadowMan told me a lock of a girl’s hair would bring one of the teams good luck. I surmised that since most of the Aggies shave their heads and kiss their girlfriends at the game, one of them would have  scissors to get a lock of hair.

So go with Georgia, South Florida and Texas A&M this weekend to get victories. By the way, the J on the voodoo doll is for LaMichael James.

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