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Tigers Land 5 Star LB From Illinois

After some recent bad news on the recruiting trail, LSU landed a huge commitment  today.  Continue reading

LSU versus Auburn Rewind

As I watched Auburn’s magical run to the SEC Championship this past weekend, I asked myself a question.  Didn’t we stomp these guys? Yes!

My next question was how? Continue reading

A Look Back At 2013’s Recruiting Class

Throw out the stars and ratings because a recruits worth is ultimately how much they produce for the program. My review is not an indictment on any player because many great players don’t get to shine until given an opportunity. Continue reading

Are LSU & Alabama Fans Becoming Spoiled?

Earlier this year on Twitter I was very critical of LSU fans who left at halftime of the Auburn game. ESPN made several comments about how empty Tiger stadium was during the 2nd half. While it is true that the first half was played in a downpour, this was 3-0 Auburn! Continue reading

I See Another Dead Season

Sometimes being a sports fan is like being Haley Joel Osment in the 6th Sense, you see things that other people don’t see. In the 6th Sense, the little boy played by Osment saw dead people, in my case I see dead seasons. Continue reading

LSU vs Ole Miss Prediction

LSU goes into Vaught Hemingway stadium a 10 point favorite over the Rebels. Will the Tigers cover the spread? What do you think? Keep reading to see my prediction. Continue reading

Does Miles have a case?

Les Miles has argued recently that SEC scheduling is unfair to certain teams with it’s current  6-1-1 format. Is he right? Maybe. Continue reading

LSU In Roll Of Spoiler

LSU could spoil Alabama’s coronation party with a win this Saturday. Most experts are picking the Tide to roll through the regular season without a loss. Continue reading

Deja Vu Tigers-Tide Atop Polls

SEC rivals manned the top of the polls again as The Crimson Tide remained No. 1 for the third straight week, and it was almost unanimous. Alabama received 58 of 60 first-place votes. LSU got the other two. Continue reading

Same Ole Script

After sleeping on the LSU/UNT game, I thought that maybe a good night’s rest would change my view of the first game with Zach Mettenberger as quarterback. I thought wrong. Continue reading