Tiger Talk- “LSU Reports To Camp”

Posted by Ken Washam

LSU reported to camp yesterday with only two recruits not able to report because of academics. Mickey Johnson and Alonzo Lewis did not report and Lewis will not be attending LSU. The hope is LSU can one day resign Lewis either after JUCO or an extra year of high school while attending some prep school.

Johnson is awaiting the NCAA clearinghouse to look over his transcripts and hopefully join the Tigers before school starts.

Neither player in my opinion would get much playing time this year, but you hate to lose players for any circumstances.

Word out of camp is Les Miles is very high on freshman Anthony “Freak” Johnson, Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry (out with injured foot), and Terrance Magee who may run some wildcat formations.

Jarvis Landry looked very polished in the Under Armour game and should see a lot of playing time. Magee may be one of those players who just has to touch the ball every game because he could change the final outcome. Johnson has a chance to be all SEC with the losses of Drake Nevis and Pep Levingston. Johnson has the clearest path to playing time so look for him to have the biggest impact.

An interesting note for next year is that LSU will have 8 home games in 2012. The schedule is tough this year, but looks to line up great for the Tigers next year. LSU’s home schedule for 2012 will include North Texas, Idaho, Towson St., and the Washington Huskies with only Washington being a serious threat.

LSU will need Johnson to fill the shoes of All-American Drake Nevis

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