Was Greg Williams A Rogue Coach?

Saints coaches and officials are meeting with Roger Goodell today and the story they are telling is one of Greg Williams acting on his own accord.

David Cornwell, Vitt’s lawyer, sent an email to Pro Football Talk  after the 90-minute session with Goodell came to an end.

“Coach Joe Vitt and I met today with Commissioner Goodell, Jeff Pash, Adolpho Birch, and NFL security for about an hour and a half. Coach Vitt wanted to meet face to face with the Commissioner to take full responsibility for certain matters while taking the opportunity to make clear that despite inflammatory language and irresponsible conduct, New Orleans Saints’ coaches did not coach and Saints’ players did not play to injure their opponents. We thought the discussion was productive and informative — so, we achieved our objective.”

With the release of the tape from before the Saints’ playoff game against the 49ers, there’s little question about what inflammatory language and irresponsible conduct Cornwell is referring to in his email. In response to a question from Steve Wyche of NFL.com about the audio recording after leaving the session, Cornwell said it was one of many examples of Williams going rogue and referred to Williams as a “rogue coach.”

With Williams not having much to say on the matter, it seems this story may have some truth to it. I still believe an organization is responsible for it’s employees and the Saints should pay a penalty. Seems like Williams is quickly becoming the scapegoat for Bounty Gate.

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